Monday, April 28, 2008

Late Sunday Salon and I passed my Orals!

I Passed my Oral Comps. I am now going to graduate with a masters degree in Biology. :)

Now for a late Sunday Salon Post:

The Sunday

*Besides studying for my orals I managed to finish "Out of the Devil's Mouth" by Travis Thrasher

*Fellow Adventure Seekers: In the winter of 1928, the Prescott family contacted me about joining an expedition to the Amazon jungle in search of their missing son, Louis. The following is an account of our ill-fated journey into the unknown. It is a tale of adventure, mystery, and intrigue.
I didn’t leave anything out because I knew you’d be interested in hearing all the astonishing details—attacking snakes, foreboding jungles, killer jaguars, pools of piranha, breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls, and yes, even a forbidden city—it’s all in here.

And a few other . . . surprises.

Take the leap with me. You’ll enjoy it.

Henry Wolfe, 1929

* I loved this book. It starts with Henry being chased by the mob because of an article he wrote on Bugs Moran. The place is Chicago 1928. The action does not stop from there. Henry escapes to be offered an adventure to accompany Kate Prescott to the jungle to find her missing brother who went to the Brazilian Jungle and never returned. He did send letters home in which he mentioned looking for a Lost City. So of course Henry Wolfe the adventurer extradnoaire is intrigued. Along for the journey is a variety of characters including one of Henry's old friends Max. One of my issues with the book is it refers to a previous adventure which implies there is a book one which there is not. Through twists and turns this book holds onto you. I cannot wait to read another Henry Wolfe adventure so Travis Thrasher please hurry up and write. ;)


Terri said...

Congratulations, Brittanie!! What an accomplishment!

Sycorax Pine said...

Congratulations! This is huge news! And, by the way, I am very admiring that you could read while preparing for your orals. Mine were in literature, and I swear I couldn't read anything for pleasure for 6 months afterwards, I was so exhausted.

windycindy said...

Whoo Hoo! Congratulation go out to you. Best wishes for a the future that you desire. Cindi

Carole said...

Congratulations, Brittanie! That's an accomplishment to be proud of. Best wishes in whatever career God takes you on.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Good going!!!

Joy said...

Congratulations, Brittanie!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You won't feel like it now, because I know I didn't, but the only way is up. Sign on for that doctorate and go one better.

Irish said...

Congratulations on your masters. =)

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