Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE 2012 Read a thon My Intro. Post

This read a thon is to celebrate bringing in another year. It is hosted by
I have been off work since last week so this is perfect for me because I am always at home on New Years Eve. lol

1. What are you reading today?
At Home

2. Are you a comfy reader, or do you get dressed, wear shoes and socks, and sit in a straight back chair?
Comfy reader I have been in my pjs and bed all day. The cats have helped too, they think they are my reading buddies. lol :)

3. Food. What will you be eating/imbibing today?
Pistachio Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Reeses Cups, a grilled chicken salad, little cutie oranges

4. Have you finished a book yet?
Yes, An Amish Holiday by Cynthia Keller

5. What book do you want to be reading to close out 2012?
Flight of the Earls by Michael Reynolds

1 comment:

picky girl said...

Happy New Year! I am just coming across your blog but am so excited because I am also experimenting with the primal lifestyle. So odd! Most people look at me like I'm crazy if I mention that.

I hope you had a great time staying in on NYE. Thanks for joining us!

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