Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post Good Book Let Down from Katrina at Callapidder Days

Katrina at Callpidder Days posted this today and I found it very interesting:

Fiction books are part of my everyday routine. There is always -- always -- a novel on my nightstand. I plan my evenings to accommodate some reading before I go to sleep. I love discovering wonderful new authors, or catching the latest work from one of my old favorites. When we go on vacation, I agonize over how many novels to pack, and which ones. After all, with all that free time, I'm likely to zip through my fiction and want to make sure I have a sufficient stash.In summary: I read fiction constantly.But there are times when I can't read fiction. I look at the novels on my bookshelf or I browse the bookstore and library, but nothing appeals to me. Nothing at all.This usually happens immediately after I read a terrific book. Not just a "that was a good book" kind of book, but the kind that I can't put down, the kind that keeps me up reading until the wee hours of the morning. When I turn the last page and put the completed book aside, it's impossible for me to pick my next novel. Nothing could possibly live up to what I just read.Yes, I occasionally suffer from Post-Good-Book Letdown.I've found that there are two kinds of "terrific books" that affect me this way:

1) The ultimate page-turner -- Any book that pulls me in so completely that I don't ever want to put it down. These are the books that sit open on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking, so I can squeeze in a paragraph here and there. The ultimate page-turners don't live on my nightstand; they travel around the house with me. Bathrooms go uncleaned and laundry goes unfolded while I'm reading an ultimate page-turner. No time for that mundane stuff; I must keep reading. And when I finally finish the engaging book, every other novel available to me looks tame, or even boring, by comparison. I love to read thrillers, so I read plenty of plain ol' page-turners, but I only come across an occasional "ultimate page-turner." Dean Koontz and Jeffery Deaver have written some of my favorites.

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Have any of you ever gotten to the point where you have no desire to pick up the "next book," because no novel could ever live up to the one you just finished? Or am I just weird? (Okay, don't answer that last one.)

I know that I have (Brittanie). I can think of a series right now that I am prolonging reading the third book because I just want to make it last longer. ;)

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