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"To Dance In The Desert" by Kathleen Popa

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Kathleen Popa


Raised in the American Southwest, Kathleen began her love affair with the desert as a child. Before becoming a writer she, among other jobs, worked in both the juvenile facility fro incarcerated girls and a home for emotionally disturved children. Mother of two, sh lives in Northern California with her husband and youngest son. Visit her blog, Reading, Writing, and What Else is There? She is a member of the CFBA, too! Give her a holler!


“Not a safe world.” How many times had she heard it over and over again? Well, it is not a safe world and Dara Murphy Brogan knew it better than most, which is exactly why she had tucked herself away on a desert mountaintop. Now it was just her, the voice inside her head and the boxes of hastily packed odds and ends—all that was left of her pathetic excuse of a life. Hadn’t she chosen the desert because it was barren and brown and dead looking and far, far away from anyone who may have seen the news?

So what was this, this trespasser, this interloper, this wacked out earth mother doing dancing outside her window? Celebrating life and the Spirit in a way Dara never could have dreamed. Until she opened her door and met Jane Cameron.

A book that makes me laugh is a joy, a book that makes me cry is a rarity. But a book that moves me to dance is sublime. To Dance in the Desert is a spectacular experience. Beautifully written, deeply moving, and warmly engaging—that this is Kathleen Popa’s first novel astounds me. That she will quickly be counted among the top caliber of Christian novelists delights me. I simply loved this book.

~Kathryn Mackel, Author of The Hidden

Kathleen Popa creates a compelling vision of a small community’s power to coax waning spirits back toward life. This gem of a novel worked on me like a dream. Popa’s evocative prose captured the nuance and complexity of transformation with equal parts mystery and truth. She conjures the deserts of Dara Brogan’s life with intimate clarity, reminding us along the way of the profound strength of what we take far too much for granted—the deep friendship of kindred spirits. This is a journey worth taking.

~Jeff Berryman, Author of Leaving Rui

Brittanie: This book was very emotional. It is not something I would normally read. It reads like a literary novel with a faith twist. It is also modern in its approach to worship which is not a bad thing. In the book it promotes letting go of some of the rules and freely worshipping. This was accomplished through the main Character Dara Brogan. She had a hard life and is messed up needing to recover so she moves to the desert where she thinks she will have no neighbors. Turns out she has one, a lady, who dances in the desert. She takes Dara under her wing and they move to a small town to help her brother with his failing resturatnt. This book is also about Dara's journey .. her journey to faith, finding her mother who abanded her, and herself. It reminds me some of "Quaker Summer" by Lisa Samson. This novel is gripping and holds onto you until the very end with very good prose. I recommend this book to be read when you can sit down and do nothing else.

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Kathleen said...

Thank you, Brittanie, for your kind review.

Kathleen Popa

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