Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Be Still My Soul by Randy Peterson (Review)

Be Still, My Soul is a collection of 175 of the most popular hymns and the stories behind them. Many of these hymns were written out of incredible life experiences—from the heart cry of a repentant slave trader to the renewed hope of a survivor of attempted suicide. In this devotional you’ll discover the stories behind the songs we sing. You’ll experience the passion and joy contained in these hymns’ lyrics and melodies. In addition to the hymn stories, Be Still, My Soul includes the musical score, lyrics, and in-depth biographies of 12 of the most-prolific hymn writers, singers, and composers. Whether you are new to hymns or have cherished them for a long time, you’ll enjoy this illuminating book on the stories behind some of the most popular hymns you sing in worship. My Review: I thought this was a very interesting book. I have often wondered at the stories behind old hymns. I liked the way the book was set up also. One page had the hymn in sheet music form and the other had the story behind it. The pages look aged and had a rough feel to them which was great for visual appeal. Having sang some of the songs in church it meant more for me to see some of the history that goes along with them. Recommended. :) I was provided a free copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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