Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outlaw's Bride by Lori Copeland

About the Book:

Falsely convicted of bank robbery, drifter Johnny McAllister is sent to a rehabilitation program in the home of a California judge. When he goes to Judge McMann’s home, his aim is to be a model prisoner, hoping to be released early and return to his life's mission: to kill the man who wiped out his family 15 years before. He’s planned for everything…except his encounter with Ragan, the beautiful and kind housekeeper, and with the generous folks of Barren Flats. But can Johnny let go of his anger and embrace a new life? One that would include Ragan as his bride? Formerly titled The Bride of Johnny McAllister, rewritten for the inspirational market.
My Review:
I have read most of Lori Copeland's Christian fiction books and liked them including her historical westerns. For some reason this book did not quite click all the way with me. The plot line itself is interesting and the characters have potential. Some scenes were funny like the three boys hired to stop the outlaws from ravaging the town and the wacky solutions they developed. But the religious aspect felt a little forced like it was added later which is what happened. Overall this is an okay romantic historical western Christian fiction book. I still look forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens.

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