Saturday, May 5, 2007

I am sorry I have been so busy again with school. I take my last final exam for the semester on Monday night. I have been trying to read in between stuff. Bad Brittanie because I need to be studying. I have read quite a few books that I have not posted on. I will try to remember all of them and catch up. One I read recently that I liked a lot was the new Lori Copeland book "Simple Gifts". I post some on books over on my xanga site as well. It is
More later... I need to go study for Med. Micro. test. :)


Rel said...

Hi Brittanie :) Welcome to the CFBA. You will enjoy some good reads that's for sure. Read your post on Treason - it is a great book and Hostage and Defiance are just as good. Enjoy!

CeeCee said...

Yes, welcome to CFBA! Congrats on finishing you last exam. Tiring but rewarding. Ditto what Rel wrote about CFBA: you will enjoy some good reads that's for sure!

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