Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Saving Sailor" by Renee Riva

Book Description:
The year is 1968. A.J. Degulio spends most of her time with her dog Sailor and sometimes her four other siblings. After spending the first half of summer vacation driving her Italian Catholic family crazy with her fake southern accent, ten year old A.J. finds a soul mate on the other side of the island to divert her attention although he spends most of his time with her brother fishing, who is 13/14 years old like him. Danny and his family are from Oklahoma and come to the island to visit his grandfather. While there a neigbhor calls to tell his mother that another woman has spent the week with his father who stayed home. Apparently this is not the first time. This affects Danny of all the siblings deeply. He talks about it with A.J. on her "beach" which she names Juniper Beach. She is intrigued to learn that Danny shares her same burning desire to know the God who holds the stars in the heavens and realizes that few people her age think as deeply as the two of them do. However, the depth of their newfound faith and friendship is soon tested when Danny's father betrays his wife, Stella. This affects both families as they become friends. Saving Sailor is a heartwarming tale of how hearts can change and relationships can be restored with God's help.
Brittanie: I loved this story. When I picked it up I really did not know what to expect but I am very happy I took a chance with this heartwarming book. The author says in an interview at the end that some of the book is autobiographical of her life. The character A.J. is the lead and the story is told through her eyes. She goes by A.J. because her full name is Angelina Juliana. She is quite a character too like most of her family. She works on her fake southern accent which drives her family nuts since they live in the Northwest and Italian Catholics. Her mother's name is Sophia and likes to pretend to be Sophia Loren in town and fool people and gives out autographs. I love the solid relationship between her mama and daddy. Her dad,Sonny, is a Park Ranger at Indian Lake State Park on the main shore and in the summer they get to stay at the lake. The book focuses on one summer and the events of that summer. I highly recommend this book. It is sweet but has deep moments towards the end.
About the Author:
Renee Riva has been writing humorous stories since she won a writing contest in second grade. Her two previous titles Izzy the Lizzy and Guido's Gondola both published by WaterBrook Press in May of 2005 and met with instant success--over 4000 sold in four months.
Additionally, Riva is a former greeting card verse writer as well as a speaker for women's groups and Young Authors. She and her husband reside in Richland, Washington with their three daughters.


Deena said...

I've seen this one on the've convinced me to take a chance on it!

Renee said...

Hi Brittanie,

This is Renee Riva, the author of Saving Sailor :O) Thank you for posting my book on here--what a fun surprise! I'm actually working on a sequel right now "Taking Tuscany" about A.J.'s family moving to Italy--should be out next year. God Bless! Renee & A.J.& Sailor :O)

India said...

I'm a big reader, but at first, when I read about Saving Sailor on Spark Notes, I wasn't excited that I had to read it for English Class( I'm a student). But once I got to the third chapter, I fell in love with the book. I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning reading, no matter how tired I was, I had to finish that book that night! I am excited about Taking Tuscany, and I guess that this book taught me something about literature, life, and God' plan; You can't judge a book by its cover!

michele said...

Author Renee Riva will be on blog tour Sept. 21-27, 2008. Please contact me to schedule an interview

Anonymous said...

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