Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Clear Blue Sky" by F.P. Lione

Book Description:
It’s the beginning of a gorgeous September in the City that Never Sleeps. Summer may be officially over, but Labor Day Weekend means ethnic festivals and dancing the streets and lots of overtime for police officer Tony Cavalucci. When crowd control gets unusually dangerous, Tony starts to wonder why he even does this kind of work. And going home doesn’t bring him any more respect. His neurotic and dramatic family disapproves of both Tony’s fiancé and his new-found faith. All this foreshadows what’s about to come to the people of New York on September 11, 2001. Normal day-to-day events and fantastic weather lead up to the most difficult day in the city’s history. Now Tony finds himself in brand new territory. As he fights to survive and help others survive as well, Tony learns all over what faith means, what family means, and what life itself means. The author of this highly compelling novel is an ex-cop who survived the World Trade Center rescue efforts. Consequently, the storytelling throughout the book rings with authenticity. All of this makes for a fast-paced and deeply moving page-turner that is at times funny, at times horrible, and always full of humanity, compassion, and the presence of God. The Liones offer their very best work in Clear Blue Sky.
I love this series and the characters. I felt with this book that the title is a little misleading. I like the feeling of living Tony's life with him ... the everyday world viewed through his eyes. I would have liked to see more of Tony and Michelle's love story as a focus instead of as an afterthought.
SPOILER ALERT: The placement of the 9-11 scene was at the very end of the book which is why the title is misleading. I spent the whole book waiting for that main scene because that is what the description of the book and title indicate it will be about. That is not what this book is about.
I hope to see more in this series because I really do like it. :)

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